Inspired by my passion for all facets of health and helping others, I created Her Wellness Collective with the sole mission of helping women of all ages with their health so they can feel empowered to intentionally live their healthiest and happiest life. 

Our health status is determined through multiple facets of our lifestyle, and therefore, caters to the notion that health is multidimensional. In order to improve one aspect of our health, we need to consider the interrelatedness of multiple factors.
I personally view health as a complex and holistic concept with many different meanings. With this in mind, at Her Wellness Collective we focus on the significant dimensions of health and wellness - Social, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health.

I am an accredited Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) with Nutrition Council Australia, and a qualified Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and Middle to High School Educator. 

In working with young people, I have always been committed and dedicated to lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and achieving high results and outcomes by being an enthusiastic, resilient and positive educator and leader. 

In recent years this has transpired to developing and implementing positive health programs and wellbeing outcomes for young people; highlighting the importance of being happy and healthy not only physically, but also through the mind.

As the domains of fitness, nutrition, and health + wellness developed into passionate interests of mine and resulted in creating valuable and positive impacts upon my overall health, I chose to study in these areas to gain knowledge and skills that I could use to assist others. 
After the devastating loss of a best friend to several health issues; more than ever, I wanted to work with women to educate and empower them in understanding the significance of holistic health and assist them in becoming and feeling their best through health + wellness.

This decision has resulted in living a life of purpose, intent and gratitude. I surrounded myself with those who truly inspire me to be the best version of myself, are committed to upholding their standards and values as much as I am and share my belief of a holistic and preventative approach to health and happiness. 

I flourish on the creation of meaningful connections, being intentional with how I spend my time and where I invest my energy. I use my knowledge, experience and skills in the industry to work directly with female clients of all ages to optimise their lifestyle through health and wellness practices. 
This life is not our practise life. This is it. It is time to step up to our true selves and live the life we can only imagine! 
I look forward to connecting with you and I hope you feel guided, supported and inspired in your engagement with us!

Diana x

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